Appointment Book 

Current Time Indicator is now Prominently Visible 

Earlier, you could not easily identify the current time line indicator. In this release we have made it more prominent.

Minor UI Change in Invoices

We have now brought the Sale by field and the Add button in invoices closer together to make them more prominent. We have also changed the name of the buttons in each of the tabs from Add Product, Add Package and so on to simply, Add


Easily Verify Details of Total Hours Employee Worked

The Total Hours column of the Employee Payroll Summary report directly links to the Attendance Details report so that you can easily view the details of break-up of hours the employee worked in a given pay period.
To learn more, read the help article


Rename the Unified Form View Tab

The Unified Form View tab in the Guest Profile allows you to access all forms related to a guest such as intake forms, consent forms, and treatment forms. You can rename this tab.

For direction to change the tab name, read the help article


Collections Remain On A Consistent Date for Auto Renewed Memberships

Assume that you have two recurring memberships - Membership A and Membership B - each membership has a 1 month expiry period. You have set auto-renewal options such that, at the end of the validity period of Membership A, Membership B becomes active and vice versa.

Earlier, if you set up an auto renewal of the membership on say, April 14th; Zenoti would honor the validity of that month’s membership till May 14th. This, in effect would make May 15th the next collection date. In effect, collection dates would keep moving by a day to June 16th, July 17th and so on.  

Now, auto-renewing membership periods will end at the end of business on the previous day. That is, in our example above, the membership would be valid until 11:59 pm on May 13th. This sets the collection date to May 14th, June 14th and so on. 


New Columns in the Current Stock Report 

Zenoti introduces new Bundle and Unbundle columns in the Current Stock report so that you can track the inflow and outflow of the product kits. 

Zenoti Mobile

Tax Inclusive Pricing on Zenoti Mobile 

Zenoti Mobile now shows tax inclusive pricing for the following in invoices and receipts:

  • Services (while adding or editing services)

  • Add-ons to the services

  • Purchase list on POS for items such as products, services, gift cards, or memberships
    Note: Discounts and Loyalty points are applied on post-tax prices.

Fill Guest Form While Creating New Guest Details 

You can now fill the Guest V2 Form while creating a new guest profile or you can turn on the Guest Mode to allow your guest to fill the form.

Hide Quantities in Zenoti Mobile 

You can now choose to hide the quantities of products sold in Zenoti Mobile when you print or email receipts to your guests.
Note: This functionality is available in POS. 

Providers can View Price Details of Past Appointments (Android and iOS) 

Now, Zenoti Mobile allows the service provider to view past appointment details of a guest. To view the price details of services the guest took in the past, navigate to Guest > Guest Profile > Activity > Services.

For example, a guest booked an appointment for Buzz haircut and later decides to upgrade the service to Hair Styling. Now, the service provider can view the guest's past appointment details and let the guest know the amount paid previously for the same Hair Styling service.

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