Guests who regularly visit your center might be eager to know about the booking availability at your center. The idea of sending out an email to them about the available slots for the next 30 days (for example), will help them plan an appointment with you.

You can create the available-slots emails at the center or organization level, depending on your business need. Navigate to Marketing > Campaign > Email/Text Message. Decide whether to create a scheduled campaign or Always on Campaign. 

On the New Email/Text Message Campaign page,

1. Enter Campaign Info: Give a name to the campaign, enter the offer code
   especially if you are offering any discounts, loyalty points, or cashback. Enter a
   description about the campaign such as ‘Email to communicate available Slots
   for non-member regular guests. 

2. Choose Communication Channel as ‘Email’

3. Choose Campaign Type: Your slots availability email can be just a simple announcement or a campaign offering discount, loyalty points, or cashback.

4. Configure Open Slot Availability

  1. Enable open slots availability checkbox: Whatever be the campaign type, if you want to send out the available slots email to the targeted guests, select the checkbox. 

  2. Minimum no. of slots: Enter the minimum number of open slots that should be available to run the campaign. For example, if you enter 5 then, email will not be sent unless there are at least 5 open slots.

  3. Show availability for next n days: Enter the maximum days until which you want to show the availability. For example, if you enter 30, the email is sent to the guests only if there are 5 open slots available for the next 30 days.

  4. Slot interval that has to be displayed in the content: Select the slot period you want to display to the guest. For example, if you select 1 hour then, open slots of one hour duration are shown in the email content. Note that the email is sent to the guests only if there are at least 5 slots of one-hour duration each, are available in the next 30 days.

  5. Select a service, a category, or a tag:
       i.   If you want to keep the open slots generic then, select ‘Any Service’.
       ii.  If you want to announce for specific services only then, select ‘Belongs to
            category/subcategory/specific service’. A text field appears; In the text
            field, enter name of a category, subcategory or a specific service.
       iii. If you want to announce slots by tags, select ‘With Tag’. A text field
           appears; on clicking the text field, you can see the list of tags in Zenoti.
           Select one or more tags as per need. 

6. Select Recipients: Select the center(s) and the target segment to whom you want to send out the email. 

Note: To get the exact number of guests in the selected target segment, click Count.

7. Select Send campaign to the guest only one time in n days checkbox, to ensure that the open slots email is not sent too frequently to the guests.

8.  Create Content: To the email content, add two macros:
        i.  [BookingUrl]: Url that takes the guest to the booking page (your website or
            Zenoti Webstore services listing page).
        ii. [OpenSlots]: This macro shows date and time of available slots. For
           example, it shows Sept: 12: 11am, 2pm, 7pm, 8pm Sept 13: 10am, 12pm, 2pm,
           3pm. To learn more about the macros used for email campaigns,
           read: Macros to Customize Email/Text for your Campaigns

9. Schedule or Always on the Campaign: You can schedule to send the campaign on a particular day (Scheduled) or run the campaign on only selected days in a week (Always on).

Email campaign will be sent to the guests in the target segment. 

Note: Guests who have unsubscribed from the marketing emails will not receive the email campaigns. 

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