Zenoti supports Ingenico iPP320 device to process in-store payments when using Moneris Cloud.

Important: You must purchase the devices directly from Moneris and not from any other retailer. Also, when you are making the purchase, do let Moneris know that you intend to use the device with Moneris Cloud.
Existing Moneris Customers: If you are an existing Moneris customer and you are currently using an Ingenico iPP320 device, to switch to Moneris cloud, you must contact Moneris and ask them to enable your device for Moneris Cloud.
Moneris will require you to ship your existing device to them to enable Moneris Cloud on the device.

For Ingenico iPP320 to process payment, it must be connected to the internet. 

To ensure the device is connected to the internet and powered on, verify the following:

  1. An ethernet cord is connected to:

  • An ethernet port - at the back of your terminal or on your terminal's utility cable.

  • A port on your router.

2. An AC adapter is connected to:

  • A +12V connection - at the back of your terminal or on your terminal's utility cable.

  • A wall outlet.

3. After the device boots, a Pairing Token displays on the screen.
    Make a note of the Pairing Token. You will need it when you are adding the device
    as the terminal as part of
    Configuring Moneris Cloud as the payment processor in Zenoti.

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