To configure Moneris Cloud as a payment processor in Zenoti, you must first obtain your Merchant Credentials from Moneris.

The Merchant Credentials are usually sent by Moneris in an email and have the following information that you will need to configure the Moneris Cloud in Zenoti:

  • Store ID

  • API Token

  • Ps Store ID

  • HPP Key

  • Vault Res ID

  • Vault Res Key 

If you have not received these details, contact Moneris.

If you have these details, proceed to the next step of connecting your device to the network.

Things to remember

  1. In order to store the guest card details in their profiles in Zenoti, you should enable Vault in your Moneris account. 

  2. When the guest card details are stored, then the logos of the card brands are not displayed in the guest profile. 

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