Note: Zenoti supports Moneris Cloud integration only in Canada.
Moneris Cloud is a cloud based payment processor that you can integrate with Zenoti and process card payments.

Before you Begin

  • If you have an existing Merchant Account with Moneris, contact your Moneris representative and confirm if your Merchant Account is enabled for Cloud. 

  • If you are opening a new Merchant Account with Moneris, ensure that you specify to your Moneris representative that you would like to process payments with Moneris Cloud.

  • You will require an Ingenico iPP320 device to process card payments when using Zenoti and Moneris.
    - If you already have an Ingenico iPP320 device and would like to use it with
      Moneris Cloud, contact Moneris to repurpose your device for Cloud.
      Note: Moneris will require you to ship your existing device to them to enable  
      Moneris cloud on the device and you might incur charges.
    - If are purchasing a new Ingenico iPP320 device, ensure that you ask Moneris
      to ship you a device that is enabled for Moneris Cloud.  

To integrate Moneris Cloud with Zenoti

  1. Obtain your merchant credentials from Moneris

  2. Complete configurations in Moneris merchant resource center

  3. Connect your Ingenico iPP320 device to the network

  4. Configure Moneris Cloud as the payment processor in Zenoti and add your device as a payment terminal

  5. Make a test payment

  6. Moneris troubleshoot: Card reader not pairing with Zenoti

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