Campaign Status report gives you a snapshot of the guests who received promotional email or SMS notifications sent via Zenoti. The report data shows details such as guest code, guest name, email address, email address/number to which the notification was sent (depending on the notification type: Email/SMS), status of notification delivery (sent or failed), whether the recipient guest has opened the notification or not, whether the recipient guest has clicked the campaign or not, and name of the center that launched the campaign.

To see the data of the Campaign Status report:

  1. Click the Marketing icon.

  2. Navigate to Campaigns >Email/Text Message.
    Email/SMS Campaigns list appears.

  3. Open a campaign delivered to the guests.
    Campaign Summary page appears.

  4. Click the Status tab.
    Campaign Status report shows details such as type of notification sent, status of delivery, number of guests in the target segment, number of guests eligible for the campaign, and number of guests who opened and clicked the campaign.

  5. Click the Sent Date link.
    Campaign Recipients pop up appears with the details of the guests who received the campaign notification.
    Note: You can export the guest data to Excel or as a .CSV file.

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