We have added new features and made the Gift Card UI more intuitive for you.

Old Interface

New Interface 

Selling gift cards is all the same, just that the new UI brings in fresh look with improved usability. For example, just expand the +Notes to enter additional info about the gift card purchase. You can also set the card for single use only (You can switch off the single use setting at Org level if your organization does not sell gift cards that expire after single use).   

With the new features, guests can

  • Gift a day package as a gift card, in addition to Amount and Service. For example, a guest can gift ‘Skin Retreat’ day package as a gift card to a friend.

  • Indicate if the gift card is for themselves or for others (friends/family). If the card is for others, a new pop up appears to choose a recipient and the occasion of gifting the card. 

  • Add a personal message to the recipient and schedule the email delivery to the recipient as per the occasion.

  • Add tips to the gift card so that the recipient doesn’t have to pay the tip separately while redeeming a service/day package gift card.

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