You may want to add your organization’s logo to your receipts to make your receipts look more professional and legitimate. You could also think of adding your logo to receipts as a branding or marketing exercise. 

In Zenoti, you can add your logo in the receipt to the header, footer, or both.  

Before You Begin

  • Before you can add your logo to your receipts, ensure that you have uploaded your organization’s logo from the organization level (from Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > General > Organization Logo). 

  • Your logo must meet the following specifications:
    a) Format: .GIF
    b) Size: 3 MB
    c) Dimension: 64 px (length/height) x 185 px (breadth/width) 

To add your logo to receipts

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. Select the Email/Texts tab.

  4. In the Configuration section, click Edit next to the Customer Email Receipt Header or Customer Email Receipt Footer.

  5. Enter this HTML code <img src="[LogoURL]" /> into the header or footer area, as required. 

  6. Use the available macros to customize the other content of your receipt. 

  7. Click Save.
    Your logo will appear in the header or footer area of the receipt when the front desk prints a receipt

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