Important: You must enable the Catalog for providers so that they are available for booking on the Webstore V2.
If a service provider is on holiday or has appointments for the entire day, the Webstore V2 will not show any availability for that day. However, the Webstore V2 displays the next available dates in the calendar for the rest of the month. 

This allows you to view the next available dates of the service provider while booking an appointment. Guests can book appointments by looking for:

  • Available time slots based on services and service providers.

  • Available service providers based on services. 

To view the next available dates for a provider:

  1. Change the location where you want to book an appointment, if required.
    A list of services available at that center appears.

    2. From the list, select a service.
        Alternatively, enter the service name in the Search field and select the service.
        The list of service providers appears.
    3. Select a service provider.
        The Select Date and Time (calendar) appears.

Note: The next available dates (or slots) of the provider appear in green. Guests can book an appointment based on these slots.

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