Vantiv triPOS Mobile is an integration that you can use with Zenoti Mobile POS.
With this integration, you can connect an Ingenico iCMP card reader to an iPad (that has Zenoti Mobile POS installed) via Bluetooth and process card payments.

Important Notes

  • The Vantiv triPOS Mobile integration is supported only in USA.

  • The integration works only with an iPad that has Zenoti Mobile POS installed.

  • You must purchase the Ingenico iCMP card reader directly from Vantiv and not from any other retailer. If you have an existing Ingenico iCMP card reader, contact your Zenoti representative to find out if your existing device can be used with Zenoti. 

To integrate Vantiv triPOS Mobile with Zenoti

  1. Contact Vantiv to open a merchant account and purchase an Ingenico iCMP card reader.

  2. Ensure you obtain the following information from Vantiv:
    - Acceptor ID
    - Account ID
    - Account Token

  3. Configure Vantiv triPOS Mobile as the payment processor in Zenoti and add your device as a payment terminal.

  4. Install the Zenoti Mobile POS app on an iPad.

  5. Pair the iPad with your Ingenico iCMP card reader.

  6. (Optional) Pair the printer to the iPad.

After you integrate Vantiv triPOS Mobile with Zenoti

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