At times, guests may want to take different services on a day. Consider this example. A guest, Abigail, wants three services. When you use the Booking Wizard to book such appointments, the wizard books back-to-back sessions. However,  Abigail, like any other guest, would prefer breaks in-between her services.

You can use the Advanced mode of the Booking Wizard to configure different services of a single appointment with time gaps. Giving breaks in between services works well for all - guests get the much-needed respite, providers can accommodate more requests, and it all makes perfect sense for your business. 

To book multi-service appointments with time intervals:

1. Open the Booking Wizard

In the Appointment Book, select the date for which you want to book the appointment, and then click the Booking Wizard icon.

The Booking Wizard opens.

2. Switch on the Advanced mode

3. Specify the number of guests

The default is one guest. In the Advanced mode, you can select up to 6 guests for a group booking or select couple for multi-services booking.

Based on the number of guests you select, the wizard displays a separate guest/services instance for each guest.

4. Specify the following information in each guest/services instance

Guest details

  • To select an existing guest, enter the guest's name, mobile, email, or code in the Search by Guest name, mobile, email, code field.

  • To add a new guest, click the drop-down arrow and then click  + New Customer.
    Note: You may see different label names here such as New Guest or New Client, depending on the label name for ‘Guests’ that your administrator has configured from the organizational level (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > General > Guest).

If you have selected an existing guest, the wizard displays the guest’s information such as the guest's open appointments, due amount, and links to the guest’s packages, memberships, and notes.

Service or Day Package

  • Click the Service/Package field.
    Select the Services tab to select services or Day Packages tab to select day packages, depending on guest's preference.

  • Enter the name of the service/day package, or select one from the list.

  • To add more services or day packages, click + Service.

  • To delete a service or day package, click the cross-mark (x) icon against it.


  • Select the name of a provider from the drop-down list.

  • Repeat for each service or day package, if more than one.

Room (Optional)

  • Specify the room in the Room field by entering the room name or by selecting one from the drop-down list.

5. Change date (if required)

By default, Zenoti considers the current date or the date selected in the Appointment Book. To change the date of the appointment, click the calendar icon (in the right panel) and select a new date.

Note: To create an appointment for a past date, ensure that your organization allows booking past appointments

If you change the date at this point, the available slots may vary.

Select guest's preferred start time

Start and End time are automatically filled for the first service booked for a guest. To change the default start time, click x beside the time and select a time from the drop-down list as per guest’s preference.

Important: Time shown in the drop-down list depends on the availability of slots of a provider. 

Note: In case of multiple services in a single appointment, you can book the services with breaks. That is, from the second service onwards, you can specify the preferred start time from the drop-down list.

After you book the services for all the guests, the Booking Wizard shows the approximate total price of the appointment, inclusive of taxes.

Click Review & Book.

Note: If any slot that you booked is out of schedule for the selected provider, Zenoti shows a warning message. Only if your organization allows you to override the therapist schedule, will you be able to proceed with the booking. That is, if the organization level setting, Appointment Booking Outside Therapist Schedule Hours is set to Allow with authorization or Warn, only then can you continue with your booking.

If your organization blocks you from overriding, you have to change the Start Time of a service or change the therapist, as per the guest’s preference.

6. Review your booking

When you click the Review & Book button, a confirmation page appears. Zenoti holds your time slot for a few minutes (hold time) until you confirm the booking.
Note: Administrators or business owners can configure the hold time for a booking from the setting, Appointment Hold Time from the organization level (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Appointment Book). For example, if Appointment Hold Time is set to 15 minutes, then when you click Review & Book, the Booking Wizard holds your booking for 15 minutes (the timer counts down the time remaining). Ideally, you must confirm your booking within this hold time. 

Do one of the following:

  • Click Go Back to modify the booking.

  • When you are ready to finalize the booking, click Book.
    A message appears stating that the appointment is confirmed and the appointment shows up on the Appointment Book.

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