In your business, you may refer to your center as a ‘Studio’ or you may refer to an employee or provider as ‘Wellness Executive’. You can use Zenoti’s Webstore settings to customize the names of labels for all such common terms so as to retain your own branding identity with your guests. The Labels is the second section of customizing your Webstore.

To customize label names:

  1. From the organization level, navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Online Booking > Labels and Text Configuration section.

    You will find the following settings in the Labels section:

  • Center: If you call your center as a Studio, then enter Studio in the given field. On the Webstore, this will change all the words that are Center to Studio.

  • Employee: If you call your employees as Providers or Stylists, then enter the same in the given field. The employees will be shown as Providers when a guest makes a booking.

  • Booking Button Label: Change the name of the booking button with this label setting.
    : Book Now, Book Here.

  • Go Home Label: Use this label to take your guests to the homepage once they are done with the booking.
    : Book Again.

  • Mobile Phone Sub Text: Enter a disclaimer text that you will display to your guests when they enter their mobile number while creating a guest profile on the Webstore.
    Example: “By providing your mobile number you agree to receive transactional messages when you book a service with us.”

  • Cancel Reservation Button Text: Enter the text that appears on the Cancel Reservation button.
    Example: You can enter the text Cancel or Cancel Reservation, or Cancel Booking.

  • Service Icon Text: Enter the text that appears below the Services icon on the Webstore homepage.
    Example: If you call your services as Treatments, enter the text in this field.

  • Service Label: Enter the text for the label that appears when your guest is selecting the services.

  • Add-on Display Text: You can change the text label of Add-ons as per your business language or business requirements. You may call your add-ons as enhancements or elevations. Enter the desired name of the add-ons in this field.

       Note: Zenoti displays the add-on text label in the plural form. So, when you key in         the text label, make sure that it is in the singular form.

       Example: If you type Enhancement in the Add-on Display Text, then you will see           the display as Enhancements

Based on your requirement, click one of the following : 

  • Save As Draft : The settings are saved, but are not published.

  • Publish : The settings are saved and the changes are published.

  • Preview : Check a preview of all the settings in the Webstore.

Next step: Proceed to Customize General settings.

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