Zenoti supports zip integration and allows you to collect zip payments. 

How Zenoti-zip Integration Works

  1. Guest logs in to the zip account using a mobile phone.

  2. Guest looks up the store code and provides it to the front desk.

  3. The front desk, in the Collect Payment screen of Zenoti, selects the zip custom payment and enters the code provided by the guest.

  4. Guest sees a payment confirmation screen from zip on the browser and confirms the transaction.

To collect zip payments:

  1. Launch the POS window.

  2.  If required, review and edit the invoice.

  3. In the Collect Payment section, select Custom.

  4. (Optional) In the Tips field, enter the tip amount.

   5. In the Payment Data field, click the drop-down list.
   6. Select zip as the custom payment, or type the zip custom payment name          
       and then select the match.
   7. To initiate the payment, the guest must login to the zip account from their
       mobile devices.
   8. The guest selects Shop In-Store

      A page with a store code appears.

  9. The guest provides the store code to the front desk.
 10. In the Store Code field, the front desk enters the store code to process the

  11. Click Add Payment. The following takes place:  

  • On Zenoti POS, a Processing Transaction message appears.

  • On the guest’s mobile, the guest sees a payment confirmation screen from zip.

  12. Guest taps Confirm on the mobile. 

  13. Zenoti adds the payment to the invoice. 

  14. Click the Print or Email invoice button to close the invoice.

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