You can integrate zip with Zenoti and collect payments from your guests. You can choose to configure zip for your entire organization or for specific center.

Note: If you configure zip at the center level, the center settings override the organization level settings.

Important: zip payments is supported only in Australia.

Before You Begin

  • To integrate Zenoti with zip, create a new custom payment for zip. 

  • To complete zip integration with Zenoti, you will need an zip account. If you do not have one, contact zip.

To configure zip in Zenoti:

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon. Navigate to Organization > Centers.

  2. Click the name of your center.

  3. Click the Payment tab and navigate to Additional Payment Options.
    Depending on the country you are in, one or more custom payments appear.

  4. Expand ZIP.
    The zip related options appear.

Note: When you click Test, Zenoti saves the credentials and then test the connection. If any connection error occurs, change the credentials and test the connection again. When the connection is successfully, click Save.

5. Select Use center settings and complete the following fields: 

  • Enable zip: This option enables zip in Zenoti. zip appears as a custom payment type on the Point of Sale (POS) screen.

  • Agent Name: From the list of custom payments, select zip custom payment agent. 

  • Merchant API Key: Enter your Merchant In-store API key V1 (this API key V1 is provided by zip) that you can use to access the zip library.

  • Store Location ID: Enter your zip Location ID (this ID is provided by zip).

  6. Click Save.
       You have successfully integrated Zenoti with zip.

   7. (Optionally) Click Test to verify if your entered the correct credentials.

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