zip is a simple, secure, interest-free payment solution. You can Integrate zip with Zenoti and add zip as a custom payment to allow your guests to make purchases without the need for a credit card. Using zip,  guests have the option to pay later.
Important: zip payments are supported only in Australia.

How the Zenoti - zip Integration Works

  1. Guest logs in to the zip account using zip app.

  2. Guest looks up the store code and provides it to the front desk.

  3. The front desk,  selects the zip custom payment agent and enters the code provided by the guest in the Collect Payment screen.

  4. Guest sees the Payment Confirmation screen on the zip app and confirms the transaction.

Before You Begin

You must register as a merchant with zip. After your account is created, zip provides the following information: 

  • Location ID

  • Merchant In-store API Key

With Zenoti zip integration, you can:

With Zenoti zip integration, you cannot:

  • Schedule payments: You cannot use zip to process scheduled payments. For example, you cannot use zip to process a recurring membership charge or a scheduled package charge.

  • Manage charge-backs through Zenoti: Charge-backs are handled directly between the merchant and zip.

To integrate Zenoti with zip, you must do the following:

  1. Create a zip custom payment

  2. Set up zip in the center’s payment settings

After you integrate Zenoti with zip, you can:

  1. Take Payments

  2. Process Refunds

  3. Review zip Payments Report

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