If a guest requests a transfer of service credits of a package to another guest, you can transfer them from the guest's profile

Before You Begin: Important Notes

  • You must have permissions to transfer the service credits. Your administrator can enable this permission for you at the organization level (Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Role Name > Permissions tab > Administrator > Packages > Transfer Credits checkbox). Note that employees who have permissions to edit a guest's profile, have the Transfer Credits option enabled by default. 

  • You can transfer service credits of a package only if the package is configured to allow transfer of service credits. Learn how to enable transfer of service credits for a package.

  • The package must be Active.

  • The original guest (transferor) must have at least 1 credit to transfer. 

  • Once the credits are transferred to a recipient, original guests (transferors) cannot request to transfer the credits back to themselves. This situation may arise if the recipient does not want to/ is unable to use the service credits.

To transfer service credits from a package to another guest

  1. Open the guest's profile.

  2. Click the Package tab.
     The list of packages purchased by the guest appears.

  3. Click the name of the package whose service credits the guest wishes to transfer.  

     The package details page opens.

 4. In the Services section, under the Balance column, click Transfer for the service that the guest wants to transfer.

Note: Zenoti prompts you to provide your credentials (username and password).  Zenoti checks if you have the required permissions and allows you to proceed with the transfer only if you have the required permissions. 

5. In the Package Credit Transfer window, enter these details:

  • Service: This field is non-editable; it shows the name of the service whose package service credits you are about to transfer.

  • Quantity: Enter the number of service credits the original guest (transferor) wishes to transfer.

  • Expiration Date: Select the date on which the transferred credits must expire. The recipient of the credits must use them before the date you set here.

  • Recipient: Enter the name of the guest who is to receive the service credits. If the recipient is an existing guest, the field auto-populates as you type.
    Click Save after you select the desired recipient name.
    If the recipient is not an existing guest, click New Guest to add a new guest.

   Enter details for the new guest and click Save.  

6. Notice the changes that appear in the package details page of the original guest (transferor).
In this example, the guest had 6 credits for the service, Other Slimming Treatments. The guest transferred 5 credits. The balance now reflects 1 service. 

7. Go to the Guest Profile of the recipient and click Wallet.
You can see the service credits in the Received Credits section, under Quantity. The recipient can now redeem the transferred service credits.

In this example, you can see that the recipient has 5 service credits of the service, Other Slimming Treatments. 

Note: You can extend the Expiration Date of credits as a token gesture to loyal guests (or you may to choose to expire such service credits earlier). However, the expiry date cannot go beyond the actual package holder's original credit expiry date.

Note: You can undo transfer of package benefits. Users with the required permissions can undo this action if package benefits are transferred by mistake.
Note that you can also view the details of whom the package credit was transferred to. 

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