Minor Enhancements

  • The front desk can now retain the order of services a guest would like during a visit. This feature will be available on the Booking Wizard, for Online Booking, and from Zenoti Mobile.

  • The Appointments tab of the Guest History page now shows the actual start and end time of the appointment in the Service Date column. This information is available for both, Upcoming and Past appointments. 

  • The front desk can see providers who are scheduled and those who are not scheduled (on leave) if the organization level setting, Display therapists that are not scheduled for the day is selected. Now, the front desk can also make out the reason why a provider is on leave because the leave type (such as Leave, Special Leave, Weekly Off) appears on the Appointment Book (in the Horizontal and Vertical views of the Day and Week view).

  • At times, businesses may collect group payments even before the services are finished. Going forward, Zenoti will allow you to add additional purchases such as products and services to individual invoices, as long as the group invoice is open. 

  • With this release, the front desk must enter an employee name in the Sale By field when an employee sells an item such as a service, product, membership, package, gift card, or a prepaid card from the Point of Sale (PoS). Entering the name of an employee in this manner ensures proper award of commissions to employees. Note that administrators must enable a new organization level setting for this feature to work.

  • From Zenoti CMA, guests can check the loyalty points they earned and accumulated over time, in their profile page. Note that administrators must select relevant organization level settings for Loyalty Points for this feature to work. 

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