You can add products to a purchase order only when the status is Created.

If you want to add products for a raised purchase order, you can copy details of that purchase order to a new purchase order and add products to the new purchase order.

Example: Let’s say you have raised a purchase order with 50 Citrus Face Packs and the purchase order will be in Raised Status. Later, you realise that you must add 10 Mango Face Scrubs to this purchase order. Because the purchase order is in Raised status, you won’t be able to add more products to it.
Now, you can copy details from this purchase order to a new purchase order. This new purchase order has status Created, so you can add 10 Mango Face Scrubs to it.

Apart from Created and Raised, a purchase order can have statuses such as Updated, Partially Delivered, or Delivered. Learn more: List of Statuses for an Order

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