Mirror mode allows your front desk staff to use their desktop computers to create an invoice for the guest, while the guest has an iPad with the mobile POS facing them. The guest’s experience on the iPad includes the ability to:   

  • Review the invoice

  • Select a tip amount

  • Sign a charge slip

  • Provide feedback

  • Pay by swiping, inserting, or tapping their credit card

Learn how to setup mirror mode

Note: If you want to collect payments from desktop and not in mirror mode, read the Process Payments from Desktop article.  

To accept a card payment in mirror mode

  1. Log in to Zenoti on the desktop POS. 

   You will be prompted to select a cash register.
   Select the cash register that you selected in the Zenoti Mobile POS.

2. Open the Take Payment screen of the appointment.

3. If the Mirror switch is ON, the payment screen is automatically
    "mirrored" on the iPad.
    If the Mirror switch is set to OFF, set it to ON. The payment screen "mirrors" on the
    Important: If the payment screen fails to mirror on the iPad or if your iPad is not
    working, to collect payments, set the Mirror switch to OFF and continue with Step 2
    of Process Payments from Desktop.

4. Verify the amount to be collected and click Add Payment.

5. A prompt with the following options appears:

  • Saved card details

  • Use a New Card

  • Use Card Reader

   Based on your requirements, perform one of the next three steps.

6. (Optional) Select the saved card and click Pay.
    The transaction completes, details are updated in Zenoti, and the paid invoice
     appears on the iPad. 

    Note: The saved card appears only if the guest has a stored card.

7. (Optional) Select Use a new card and click Pay.
    A prompt to enter the guest details appears. 

    a. Enter the card details and click Submit.
    b. On the terminal, swipe, dip, or tap the card to complete the transaction.
         The paid invoice appears on the iPad.

8. (Optional) Select Use card reader and click Pay.
    An option to enter a tip amount appears on the iPad.

    a. Guest selects or enters the tip amount and taps Done.
        The tip amount is added to the invoice.

    b. A prompt asking the guest to insert or swipe card appears.

    c. After the guest swipes, dips, or taps the card on the terminal,
        the guest is prompted for a signature.

    d. Guest signs and taps Submit.
         Note: If the guest does not sign within 45 seconds, the
         transaction completes and a message stating that the
         payment was successful, but signature was not captured

  e. The signed receipt appears.
       Note: If you have a printer connected, the guest will see an option to print the

       e. When the guest closes or prints the receipt, or does nothing for 15 seconds, the
            iPad shows the invoice with the paid and due amount.

       f. On the desktop, when you close the invoice, a Feedback form appears on the
          Note: The Feedback form appears only if the feedback is enabled.

       g. After the guest enters the feedback, the paid invoice appears with options to
           email and print the receipt (if printer is configured).

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