Based on the permissions you have, you can delete purchase orders that you've raised accidentally or if they are no longer required. You can delete a purchase that is in created or updated status.

Important: You cannot delete a purchase order that you've already raised or on which you've already accepted deliveries (partial delivery and full delivery), as it impacts the stock level of the products that you've procured which results in discrepancies during audits.

For such orders, Zenoti recommends that you create a return order.

To delete a purchase order

  1. Locate the order that is either in Created or Updated status.

  2. Click the Ref# number of the purchase order you want to delete.
    The Purchase Order page appears.

3. Click Delete Order.
The order is deleted permanently from Zenoti and you cannot track its history.

Important: Even though you have the permission to delete purchase orders, you might not see the Delete Order button, this could be because your business has either enabled the Financial Lock or the (90 days) Edit Lock.

To delete such orders, you have to reach out to Zenoti Support.

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