1. Click the Inventory icon and navigate to Procurement > Orders.
    The Manage Procurement page opens.

  2. From the I want to drop-down list, select Add Order (Auto).

    The Inventory Order Alert page appears with details such as Current Inventory,
    Desired Level, Order Qty, Alert Level, and Recommended Level.

  3. Using the filters, search for the required products.
  4. From the search results, select the desired products and click Next.

      One of the following can take place:
         - The message There are some products which are not associated to any
            vendor can appear if the products are not associated with vendors. In this
            case, you must first associate the products with the vendors.

         - The Create Purchase Orders page appears with the list of products (selected
           on the Inventory Order Alert page) and associated product details such as
           Quantity, MRP, Discount, and Taxes

  5. (Optional) In the Vendor drop-down list, if required, select a different vendor
      (because a product can be associated with multiple vendors). Based on the
      vendor, Zenoti updates the product details such as Quantity, MRP, Discount, and
  6. (Optional) In the Retail Qty, Consumable Qty, MRP, Unit Price, Discount, or Tax
      fields, modify the details as required.

After you enter these details, ​TOTAL PRICE​ and ​TOTAL TAX ​​are automatically updated. The sum of these values is displayed against the ​Total​​ field below the respective columns.

​Grand Total​ is the sum of both the ​Total​​ values. This is the amount you have to consider in your budget for this purchase order.

  7. In the Notes field, enter the required comments.
  8. Click Create Purchase Orders.
      A single purchase order or multiple purchase orders are created based on the
      number of products you select on the Inventory Order Alert page with the status
      Created, and the Manage Procurement Page appears.

Now that you have created an automatic purchase order, you must raise the purchase order.

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