The following matrix shows you the devices that support Point of Sale (POS) functionality on Zenoti Mobile V1 and Zenoti Mobile V2.



Android tablets


Android phones

Zenoti Mobile V1 - POS functionality


Not Supported


Not Supported

Zenoti Mobile V2 - POS functionality



Not Supported

Not Supported

Following features are supported in Zenoti Mobile's Point of Sale:

  1. Ability to sell products

  2. Ability to change the quantity of product/service

  3. Change the Sold By person's name

  4. Allow enforcing  Sale By

Series Packages Sale

  1. Sell series packages of Services only

Sell Memberships

  1. Sell Non-recurring and recurring  memberships

  2. Sell recurring  memberships with future bill date

  3. Sell recurring memberships with setup fee

  4. Sell memberships with Terms & Conditions

Sell Gift Cards

  1. Ability to sell gift cards from POS

  2. Allow different price and value, and set expiry of gift cards

  3. Allow selecting occasion and send email to recipient

Sell Services

  1. Ability to sell services from POS

  2. Select quantity, therapist and start time

POS- Redeeming package Benefit

  1. Enables automatic redemption of membership service credits

  2. Enables membership credit value redemption inclusive of tax (using the $ credit to pay) for services

  3. Enables membership credit value redemption exclusive of tax (using the $ credit to pay) for services

Campaign/Discounts Redemption

  1. Ability to select a campaign to apply discount

  2. Ability to give invoice level discount

Add/Remove Items in POS

  1. Ability to honor locked invoice

  2. Ability for providers with appropriate permissions to add or delete items. 

Note: Zenoti prevents your providers from deleting items that have not been added by them. 

   3. Ability to add Services during billing in POS.

Custom Payments

  1. Ability to take payments using custom payment options such as zip.
    Learn more: Take payments using zip on Zenoti Mobile.

Important Note: This feature is based on Enable Service Sale During Billing setting at the organizational level (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Invoice and Receipt > Invoice Settings ) and it is two sub-settings which are Display Services added during billing on Appointment Book and Do not Display Services added during billing on Appointment Book. The services that you add in POS will not appear in the appointment book if Do not Display Services during billing on Appointment Book is enabled.

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