Appointment Book

Following Features of Appointment Book are available in Zenoti Mobile:

  • Ability to search for a guest to book an appointment (Available from booking wizard, POS, and Guest section)

  • Booking wizard

  • Point of Sale

  • Ability to change the current working center (Available from the Settings screen)

  • Ability to allow selecting cash register

  • List view of appointments

  • Ability to book for a single guest

  • Ability to book services with segments

Booking  Wizard

  • Ability to do Double-booking for Therapists at Org level

  • Get alert when double-booking guests at Org level

  • Ability to book appointment Outside Therapist Schedule Hours - at Org level

  • Center level: Enforce room selection for every service

  • Center level: Enable therapist room assignments 

  • Center level: Override booking restrictions  

Org Settings

  • Guest receives Confirmation for appointment booked from Mobile

Appointment Block - View in Zenoti Mobile

  • Appointment block on Zenoti mobile shows, Service name, First Name, Last Name and Start Time.

  • Guest Indicator icons shown on Appointment block are - High Spender, Regular Client, Member, Expired membership, Suspended membership, New client, and 'Not-recent client'.

Visual Elements of Appointment

  • Shows Following statuses of appointments: Booked, Confirmed, Checked in, Closed, Recurring, Rebooked, Start, and Completed. 

Guest details shown in bottom panel of Appointment Book

  • Guest First Name, Last Name 

  • Link to Guest History

Service Details shown in bottom panel of Appointment Book

  • Service name, Therapist name, Room, Start time, End time, ability to add note and take payment

Actions that can be performed on an Appointment Block

  • Show services in visit

  • View client history

  • Change status to Confirmed, check-in, Start, Complete, Cancel, and No-show

  • Rebook appointment
    : You can also add or delete services when you are rebooking an appointment.

  • Take Payment

  • Enter Service custom data

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