Worldpay, formerly known as Vantiv is a payment processor that you can integrate with Zenoti and use chip and pin devices to process card payments in-store and from your Webstore. See supported devices.

Worldpay uses triPOSĀ® software for implementing encrypted EMV payments for your point of sale.

Note: Zenoti recommends that you use Vantiv triPOS Cloud as the payment processor instead of Vantiv triPOS Direct, as it allows you to set up a customer-facing, payment kiosk with enhanced security, easier setup, and maintenance.

To set up Vantiv EMV:

  1. Download triPOS Software and Device Drivers
  2. Install Device Drivers
  3. Install triPOS Software
  4. Configure the triPOS SoftwareĀ 
  5. Create a Self-Signed Certificate on Windows 10 and Bind to the Listening Port
  6. Create a Self-Signed Certificate on Windows 7
  7. Configure Wordpay as the payment processor in Zenoti
  8. Processing Payments using EMV Debit or Credit Cards
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