When you procure products from your vendors, some of them deliver orders as kits. One such vendor, let’s say, deliver 40 bottles of Melon Face Wash as one kit. You need to unbundle the kit to sell or use the individual product.  

When you unbundle a kit, the quantity of the kit reduces, while that of the individual products increase in the store or floor, depending on where you unbundle the kit.


Important: For businesses that have signed up with Zenoti after April 2020 release, store and floor quantities are combined and maintained as On-Hand quantity .

To unbundle product kits

  1. Navigate to the Manage Product Kits page.
    - For a retail kit, click the Inventory icon, navigate to Retail > Product Kit.
    - For a professional supply kit, click the Inventory icon, navigate to Consumable > Product Kit.

As the Melon Face Wash is a consumable kit, you will navigate to the Consumable Manage Product Kits page.

Important: For business that have signed up with Zenoti after April 2020 release,  upon navigation the following page appears:

2. In the Product Kit box, enter the name or code of the kit. If the kit has a barcode          you can also scan the kit.
   The current stock of the kit and the individual products in the kit appear. 

For business with On-Hand quantity (store quantity and floor quantity), the kit quantity and individual product quantities appear as follows,

 3.From the Bundle At drop-down, select where you want to unbundle the products.
    Important: This step is not required for businesses with no separate store and floor.

4. In the Quantity box, enter the number of kits you want to unbundle.
    For example, if you have 10 Melon Face Wash kits, enter 10 in the Quantity box.

5. In the Employee field, enter the employee’s name who is requesting for the kit.
    By default, this is the name of the logged in user.

6. In the Comments box, enter the notes  that you want to save for this action.

7. Click Un-Bundle.

The products are bundled, the current stock quantity of the individual product decreases, and the current stock quantity of the product kit increases.

Following are your stock quantities before and after you unbundle the product         kits:

Before unbundling

  • Melon Face Wash: 23

  • Melon Face Wash Kit: 10

After unbundling

  • Melon Face Wash: 23 + (10 x 40) = 423

  • Melon Face Wash Kit: 0

Under the History tab, you can view the history of each un-bundling that was performed on a specific date or during a date range.


Following are the list of reports that display the details about bundled and unbundled stock quantity in the Inventory:

  • Current Stock Report

  • Product Consumption Report

  • Value Reports

  • List of Orders by Products Report

  • List of Audits by Products Report

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