Product kit is a set of products packaged together to be sold, transferred, or used as a single product. In Zenoti, it is a dummy product that you create to have a name for the set of products in it. This name will be used while receiving orders, check out, bundling, and unbundling.

Creating a product kit is similar to creating a product in Zenoti. You enter details like name, code, category/subcategory, barcode, type (retail or professional supply), commission, price, center availability, vendor, and variants for catalog. 

Important: Unlike a product, a kit can be either retail or professional supply - it cannot be both.

To create a product kit

  1. Create a retail product or a professional supply for the product kit.

  2. Associate products to the created kit.
    a. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Admin > Resources > Products.
    b. Search for the product.

  3. Click the product kit name.
    The Edit Product page appears.

Let’s say that you want to create a retail kit. So, you will select, Yes for the Retail option. If you want to create a professional supply kit, you will select Yes for the Consumable option.
Note: You cannot have a product kit that is both retail and professional supply.

4. Select This is a Product Kit checkbox.
The Setup Product Kit button appears.

5. Click Setup Product Kit.
The Product Kit window appears.

6. In the Product field, scan the barcode of the product or enter the product name to be added to the kit.

For example, if you scan the barcode of Green Tea Shampoo, the product name appears in the Product field. 

7. In the Qty field, enter the quantity of the product to be associated with the product        kit.
    For example, you can enter 2 in the Qty field, two bottles of Green Tea Shampoo.

8. Click Add.
    The product is added.

9. (Optional) To add more products, repeat steps 6 - 8.

10. Click Save.
      The products are added to the kit.

11. On the Edit Product page, click Save.
     The kit is saved with the details.

Next Step: Bundle the products

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