A product kit or a product bundle is a set of products packaged together and considered a single product. Businesses bundle products for various reasons like, to sell them to guests and to gift premium guests during an occasion, promotional event, or just to welcome new guests with goodies. Retail-heavy businesses, use kits to maximize their revenue by ensuring that there’s no wastage of slow-mover products.

Some businesses receive products from vendors only as kits. When you receive these kits in your warehouse, you have to unbundle them to sell, use them for service, or transfer individual products to centers that are running out of stock.
For example, one of your vendor delivers Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover always as a kit. You need to unbundle each kit so that you can either sell individual products, transfer them, or use them to provide service.

: For business that have signed up with Zenoti after April 2020 release, Store quantity and Floor quantity of a product is combined into On-Hand quantity.

Types of Kit

In Zenoti, you can create two types of kit:

  1. Retail: These kits can have only retail products.

  2. Professional Supply or Consumable: These kits can have only professional supplies.
    Note: Unlike a product, a kit can be either retail or professional supply kit, it cannot be both.

How do product kits help your business?

Your business can experience the following benefits using the product kits: 

  • Get rid of the dead stock by combining it with one of the popular products and selling them to your guests.

  • Increase your sales by combining newly launched products and encourage your guests to try them (which they might ignore otherwise).You can sell such product kits on special occasions such as Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, the center’s service anniversary, or during any discount campaigns at your center. 

  • Provide services by consuming high-quality products that come at a lesser price as kits.

  • Combine and transfer products to other centers due to stock-out at the other center.

Working with Kits

In Zenoti, follow the steps to work with product kits: 

  1. Create Kits
    To create a product kit, you need to first create a dummy product. This product is used to refer to the kit throughout in Zenoti. Your Admin must mark the product as a kit and add the actual products (along with quantity of each product) to it. A kit can have either all retail products or all professional supplies in it. It cannot have a mix of product types. Thus, a retail kit will have only retail products and a professional supply kit will have only professional supplies. A product that is both retail and professional supply, can be a part of both types of kit.

    For example, the Hair Kit is a retail kit of 2 bottles of Lavender Hair Oil, 3 bottles of Rose Hair Serum, and 1 bottle of Green Tea Shampoo. If the current stock level of these products is 10, 20, and 30 respectively, after the kit is created, the stock levels are as follows:

    Hair Kit - 0
    Lavender Hair Oil - 10
    Rose Hair Serum - 20
    Green Tea Shampoo - 30

    Impact on Stock Levels?
    No. A kit is just a dummy product, no stock level or value is affected.

  2. Bundle Kits
    After a kit is created by your Admin, you need to package the products into the kit. Before you start bundling, ensure that you have the products in stock. You can view the current stock level for retail and professional supplies. It can be one of the following:

    a. Products are in stock
    If the products are in stock, you can start bundling the products from store to floor or vice versa (depending on from where you want to bundle products).

    b. Products are out of stock
    If the products are out of stock, you can do one of the following:-
    - Raise a Purchase Order - Procure products from a vendor or from warehouse/corporate office (in case of a franchise)
    - Raise a Transfer Order - Get products from your warehouse/corporate office or from another center within your company

    Impact on Stock Levels?
    Yes. When you bundle a kit, the stock level reduces by the quantities defined for each product by your Admin. However, it increases the quantity of the product kit itself.
    For example, you want 7 bundles of the Hair Kit to be put at your reception for an upcoming event. The current stock levels are as follows,

    Before bundling
    Hair Kit: 0
    Lavender Hair Oil: 10
    Rose Hair Serum: 20
    Green Tea Shampoo: 30

    After Bundling
    Hair Kit: 7
    Lavender Hair Oil: 10 (10 - 2 = 8)
    Rose Hair Serum: 20 (20 - 3 = 17)
    Green Tea Shampoo: 30 (30 - 1 = 29)

  3. Unbundle Kits
    When you receive your orders as bundles, you need to unbundle each kit to get individual items for retail or for professional supply. You can decide to unbundle kits in store or floor. 

      Impact on Stock Level?

      Yes. When you unbundle a kit, the stock level of each individual product increases        and that of the kit decreases.
      For example, you have received 7 orders of the Hair Kit in your center. The current       stock levels are as follows,

Before Unbundling
Hair Kit: 7
Lavender Hair Oil: 10
Rose Hair Serum: 20
Green Tea Shampoo: 30

After Unbundling
Hair Kit: 0
Lavender Hair Oil: (10 + (7x2) = 24)
Rose Hair Serum: (20 + (7x3) = 41)
Green Tea Shampoo: (30 + (7x1) = 37)

Auto-Unbundle a Kit

Your company might decide to auto unbundle kits on delivery. For such kits, you do not have to manually unbundle them, Zenoti does it automatically and make a record of it in the Product Kits > Manage Product Kits page. The impact on the stock level due to auto-unbundling is same as that of manual unbundling. 

Your Admin can enable auto-unbundling for each kit by navigating to the product page at the org level and selecting Automatically unbundle product kit on delivery for the kit.

Tips to consider while creating product kits

  • Bundle the high profit margin products and low profit margin products together so that you can give better discounts to your guests. 

  • Refer the Top Sellers - Sales Report in Admin and observe the products that your guests are purchasing together. Create kits for those products. 

  • Apply discounts on bundles and make sure that the actual price of each product in the bundle is visible. This makes your guest perceive that they are buying the kit at the best price.

  • Identify the products that go together naturally and bundle them for cross-selling. For example, you can create a bundle of Tea Tree Hair Oil and Tea Tree Shampoo.

  • Do not keep the size and price of the kit too high, as guest may not purchase it.

  • Check the inventory stock levels before bundling to avoid sudden low stock levels. 

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