Your organization may need your guests to sign certain forms while buying a service, package or membership. Zenoti allows you to build, add, associate, and enable different custom forms such as a service form, guest form, treatment form, and consent form to get required information or consent from a guest.

Using Zenoti, you can manage and use the custom forms to: 

Upload or Add an HTML Form

Zenoti allows you to upload the following HTML forms: 

  • Service Form: Used to take guest consent or provide your guest with information specific to a service.  A service can have either the same form for each visit or one form for the first visit and another for the subsequent visits. Service forms are also known as medical charts, treatment notes, treatment charts, SOAP notes, consent forms, or charts.

  • Guest Form: Used to take the guest data, such as name, address, phone number, health information, allergies, when a guest visits your center for the first time.

  • Tag Form: A service can have a service form and up to ten additional forms. These additional forms are what are called tag forms. When you assign a tag form to a service, the assigned form is applicable each time your guest takes the service. Tag forms also allow you to have a different form for each center for the same service.

  • Membership Form: Used to capture a guest’s signature either offline or online after you sell a membership to a guest.

  • Package Form: Used to capture guest data when they purchase packages.  You can assign this form to a group of services as part of a package.

  • Loyalty Form: Used to capture a guest’s’ consent to the terms and conditions when they redeem the accrued loyalty points for the first time. You can only create one loyalty form for your business.

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