Who can add a new Opportunity Type - Administrator

Who can use the Opportunity Types - Users who create or update sales opportunities (Sales > Tracking > Opportunities).

While creating or updating a sales opportunity (Sales > Tracking > Opportunities), you can select the Type to which the opportunity belongs. This helps you categorize the opportunities into similar and more meaningful groups so that tracking them becomes easy.
Zenoti provides three opportunity types by default: Memberships, Packages, and Others. 

You can add more opportunity types based on your business needs.

To add more Opportunity Types:

  1. Go to the Organization level.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Custom fields > Lists.

  3. From the list, click Opportunity Type link.

  4. In the List Value field, you will find three default opportunity types listed: Memberships, Packages, Others. Add more opportunity types and separate them using comma (,).
    Example: Options you enter in the List Value field can look like this: Memberships,Packages,Others,Facial,Laser,Skin

  5. Click Save.
    The following confirmation message appears: 'Successfully saved custom data settings'.

New options you added in the Opportunity Type page, appear in the Type drop-down list in the Sales Opportunity page (Sales > Tracking > Opportunity).

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