After you complete installing the device drivers, you must install the triPOS software you have downloaded.

To install triPOS software

Follow the steps in this procedure after downloading the recommended triPOS software. 

1. On your local machine, go to the location where the triPOS software zip file is downloaded. 

2. Right-click and click Extract All in the menu. 

3. Browse for the location where you want to extract the files.

4. Click Extract.

5. Double-click triPOS Setup.

6. In the triPOS Software License Agreement window, select the I agree to the
    terms and conditions check box.

7. Click Install.

8. Click Yes when the system prompts you to make changes on your hard drive.

9. Click Next.

10. In the Configuration Information window, enter the name of your company that
     you have used to sign up with Worldpay.
     Note: Vantiv provides you with Account ID, Acceptor ID, and Account Token
     when the merchant account is created. Contact Worldpay for these details. 

11. Click Next and click Install.

12. The installation completes. Click Finish.

13. A Success screen appears confirming the successful installation. Click Close.

Proceed with the next step of configuring the triPOS software.

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