Worldpay triPOS Mobile

Zenoti supports iCMP card reader that you can connect using Bluetooth.
Learn more about Worldpay triPOS Mobile.

Worldpay triPOS Cloud

Zenoti supports the following devices for Worldpay triPOS Cloud:

Existing Worldpay Customers: If you are an existing Worldpay customer and you are currently using an Verifone MX 915, Verifone MX925, or an Ingenico iPP320 device, to switch to Worldpay triPOS cloud, you must contact Worldpay and ask them to enable your device for Worldpay triPOS cloud.
Note: Worldpay will require you to ship your existing device to them to enable Worldpay triPOS cloud on the device.

Worldpay triPOS Direct

Zenoti supports the following two devices for Worldpay triPOS Direct:

  • Verifone Mx915 

  • Verifone Vx805

Note: Zenoti recommends that you use Worldpay triPOS Cloud as the payment processor instead of Worldpay triPOS Direct, as it allows you to set up a customer facing, payment kiosk, enhanced security, and easier setup and maintenance.

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