The front desk uses Block Out Time Types on the Appointment Book to show times when rooms are unavailable for bookings due to renovation or when the room is blocked out for a training or a meeting.     

When the front desk uses different Block Out Times, the block out times appear in different colors on the Appointment Book based on the color codes you specify as an administrator. This way, with a single glance the front desk can distinguish between the different reasons why a room is unavailable for booking. 

Administrators can also mark different Block Out Time Types as Bookable. If a Block Out Time Type is Bookable, it means that Zenoti gives priority to guest requests for appointments if there is a clash with the Block Out Time listed against a room. 

 Zenoti has the following default block out times types for rooms: 

  • Maintenance

  • Meeting

  • Repairs

  • Renovation

  • Reserved

  • Training

 Note: As an administrator, you can create new Block Out Time Types to suit your organization’s needs.   

To create a new Block Out Time Type for a room:

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Setup > Block Out Time Types.

  2. Click the arrow next to Add on the top-right corner and select Add Room Block Out Time.
    Note: You can also search for an existing block out time type and edit its details.

  3. Enter a Code, Name, and Description for the block out  time type. Tip: Since the block out names appear on the   Appointment Book, use short names so that users can see  the name clearly. 

  4. Select a color from Block Color. The Block Out Time appears with this color on the Appointment Book. 

  5. Specify the color of the text in which the name of the Block Out Time Type should appear using Block Text Color.

  6. In the Duration field, use the default time period to block, for this Block Out Time Type. Note: This is the default time for a particular block out time  type, but the front desk can modify the time in the Appointment  Book.

  7. Select the Include this time in room utilization checkbox if you want to count the block out time towards room utilization.
    Note: If you select this checkbox, Zenoti considers this block out time type as utilized time in room utilization reports.
    Tip: For a break-up of Block Out Time types (such as Maintenance, Repairs, Meetings) with duration (in hours) for rooms in a selected period, view the Room Block Out report under Appointment Details Report from your center (Admin > Reports > Room Block Out (Operational/ Appointments).

  8. Select the Active checkbox if you want to enable the block out time type in your organization. Only active block out time types are shown to the front desk when they block out rooms when they are unavailable.

  9. Select the Bookable checkbox if you want this block out time type to have the flexibility to accommodate guest requests for appointments in case there is a clash between the two (block out time and guest request for appointment).
    Note: Any Block Out Time that is marked as Bookable (such as Training, Meeting, Reserved) accommodates guest appointments on priority. If there is a clash between a guest request for an appointment and a blocked room, the front desk can go ahead and book the appointment. The appointment takes priority over the blocked out time. 

  10. Click Save.
    When the front desk adds Block Out Times for rooms on the Appointment Book, they appear in the assigned colors.


Q: What happens when a guest requests an appointment and a room is blocked out? 

Zenoti accommodates guest appointments on priority if they clash with any Block Out Time as long as the administrator has selected the check box Bookable for the Block Out Time Type. 


  • The administrator has selected the checkbox Bookable for Block Out Time Types - Training, Maintenance, Reserved.

  • On a given date, the Pedicure Room 1 appears on the Appointment Book as being reserved for Training from 10 A.M. to 11 A.M.

  • A guest requests a pedicure on the same day at the same time.  

In such a case, the front desk can book the appointment as per the guest’s request. Zenoti accommodates the guest request for an appointment on priority to ensure optimal use of the room (room utilization) and for obvious business reasons. 

Note that all channels from where guests may request appointments such as the Appointment Book (bottom panel), the Booking Wizard, the Webstore, and the Mobile App give priority to the guest appointment request in case there is a clash with a Block Out Time (as long as the Bookable checkbox is selected).

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