Many a time, rooms that you use to provide services to guests may be unavailable for a few hours in a day due to repairs and renovation work. Rooms may also be used to conduct training or for meetings. In such scenarios, businesses must be able to block out the rooms, or show them as unavailable, so that appointments are not scheduled in these rooms. 

The front desk can use different Block Out Time Types such as Maintenance, Repairs, and Training to indicate why rooms are unavailable from the Room view of the Appointment Book. This helps the front desk manage bookings more efficiently. 

Note: Zenoti has a few default Block Out Time Types; an administrator can set up additional Block Out Time Types, if required.

To show unavailability of rooms on the Appointment Book:

Ensure that you switch to the Room view of the Appointment Book by clicking Rooms in the top panel. 

There are two methods to mark block out time for rooms.

Method 1

  1. Click a blank space against a room on the Appointment Book.
    Zenoti marks this as the Start time for the block out time. 

  2. Point to Block Out Time from the context menu and select a Block Out Time Type such as Training, Maintenance, Repairs.
    The Appointment Book refreshes showing the blocked out time slot.   

Tip: To modify the time, hover your mouse on the right of the blocked slot till you see a double arrow and drag the block to the right or left to increase or decrease the blocked slot. 

Method 2 

  1. Click and drag your mouse across a time period against a room on the Appointment Book.

    The Block Out Time window appears.

  2. Select a Block Out Time Type such as Renovation, Training, Maintenance.

  3. Select Start time to specify when the Block Out Time should start.

  4. Select the Duration for the Block Out Time.

    Zenoti automatically updates the End time based on the Duration you enter.

  5. Enter Notes, if any.

    The notes you enter appear in a small pop-up box when you hover your mouse on the block in the Appointment Book. 

  6. Select Repeat if you want the Block Out Time to repeat. 

    Zenoti presents more options for you to set a schedule such that the Block Out Time repeats on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly basis. You can also specify when you want to start scheduling these repeated Block Out Time slots.  

  7. Click Save.

    Zenoti saves the block out time for the room.

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