Using Zenoti’s Booking Wizard, you can easily book services for couples. Privacy is the basic requirement for bookings done for couples. To this end, when you book an appointment for couples, the wizard ensures that both guests take the services together in the same room at the same time. Couples can book multiple services - but both get to take the same set of services. 

Note: Guests can book only those services that an administrator sets up as Couples Services from the organization level

To book services for couples

  1. In the Appointment Book, select the date for which you want to book the appointment, and then click the Booking Wizard icon.

The Booking Wizard opens.

2. From the No. of Customers drop-down box, select Couples.
     Note: You may see different in-line help text here such as No. of Clients or No. of          Guests depending on the label name for ‘Guests’ that your administrator has
     configured from the organizational level (Admin > Organization > Organizations >         Settings > General > Guest). 

The wizard displays a separate guest/services instance for each guest.

3. To select an existing guest, enter the guest's name, mobile, email, or code in the            Search by Guest name, mobile, email, code field.
     To add a new guest, click the drop-down arrow and then click  + New Customer.           Enter the new guest’s details as required.
      Note: You may see different label names here such as New Guest or New Client,         depending on the label name for ‘Guests’ that your administrator has configured           from the organizational level (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings >           General > Guest).

4. Search for the services that the guests wish to take.
    Only those services that the administrator has
    set up as a Couples Service (at the organization level)  appear here.
    Note that the Booking Wizard enters the same service for both guests. The couple       can book more than one service.  For this, click the +Service icon. 

5. Specify the Provider and Room, as required.
     Zenoti loads the available time slots in the right pane. 

6. Select an available Time Slot, as required. 

7. Click Review & Book.
    Zenoti holds your time slot for a few minutes (hold time) until you confirm the                 booking.
    Note: Administrators or business owners can configure the hold time for a booking       from the organization level setting, Appointment Hold Time (Admin > Organization       >  Organizations > Settings > Appointment Book).
    For example, if Appointment Hold Time is set to 5 minutes, then when you click             Review & Book, the Booking Wizard holds your booking for 5 minutes (the timer           counts down the time remaining). Ideally, you must confirm your booking within             this hold time. 

8. Select the Host checkbox for any one of the guests.
     Zenoti uses the host’s account/card details for ease of billing and payment. 

9. Click Book.
    You get an Appointment Confirmed message. The appointment now appears on           the Appointment Book.

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