Check out our January Upgrade blog post for major feature enhancements in the January 2018 release. What's New includes only the features that are not explained in the blog post.


Flexibility in Payment Processors

Earlier, you were required to specify a single payment processor for the following transaction types:

  • Payment Terminal (Swipe, Chip, and Pin)

  • Online Transactions (POS, Web, and CMA)

You can now specify a different payment processor for these transaction types and have a fail-safe mechanism. Read Help article

Zenoti Mobile

View Block Out Time

The front desk uses Block Out Time Types on the Appointment Book to show times when therapists or providers are on personal or other breaks. This helps the front desk know when providers are not available and why.
The providers now can view the block out times set for them from the Zenoti Mobile App.  Read Help article

Improved Look and Feel

You will notice an improved look and feel while:

  • Adding products, packages, memberships, gift cards, and services to the invoice.

  • Selling products, packages, memberships, prepaid cards or gift cards when taking payments from guests.

  • Seeing the total cost and price of each item in a single place.

  • Changing item details in the invoice such as Sale-by and Quantity.

  • Applying discounts.

  • Viewing and apply redemptions.

  • Changing the support staff gratuity (SSG) amount.

  • Adding and editing tip amounts.

Unlike earlier, you do not need to take a print out of the Terms and Conditions of a membership and have the guest sign it.
Zenoti Mobile now shows a digital version of the Terms and Conditions associated with a membership that a guest can accept and digitally sign. Read Help Article

Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Job Card Shows Guest Gender and Appointment Time for Each Service: Earlier, when a guest booked multiple appointments in a day, the job card showed the start time of the first appointment as the Appointment Time (App time). Now, the job card shows the start time of each appointment separately. This helps therapists track their service turns with ease. The job card also shows the gender of the guest so that therapists can do the preparation work, if any, beforehand.

  • A New ‘Guest Code’ Macro in Thank You SMS/Email Template: We’ve added a new macro that can be used as part of a referral campaign. Use the Guest Code macro in the Thank You SMS/Email to promote and attract referrals. The guest code is essentially used as a referral code; new guests can use these to get discounts.
    After a guest’s visit, you can send a Thank You email or text message. You can now include the guest code macro in that email. And, the guest can share that code with their friends. Any new guests would then need to provide that Guest Code when they book their appointment. Read Help Article

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