Macros are the placeholders that you can use in an automated email/text message. When you send an email/text message to your guest, these macros substitute a meaningful data. Use the macros to customize emails/text messages to include information such as organization name, guest name, referral code, and day of appointment. For example, the [CenterName] macro gets replaced with the actual center’s name.

  • [GuestCode]: The guest’s code.
    Note: Existing guest’s can share the guest code with their friends. The new guest’s would then need to provide that guest code when they book their appointment.

  • [CenterName]: Name of the center where the invoice was generated. 

  • [ReceiptNo]: Receipt number for the purchase. 

  • [TotalPayment]: Total amount paid by the guest. 

  • [OrgName]: Name of the organization.

  • [CenterCity]: City where the center is located. 

  • [CenterAddress]: Complete address of the center (corresponds to the Address 1 and Address 2 field in the center settings).

  • [InvoiceNumber]:  Invoice number for the current purchase. 

  • [CenterState]: - State where the center is located. 

  • [CenterZip]: Zip code/postal code of the center’s location. 

  • [FeedbackLink]: Adds link to the feedback form.
     If all the centers in your organization collect feedback from the guests, insert the following HTML tag into the Thank You notification:
    <p>Please provide your feedback <a href = "[FeedbackLink]">here</a></p>
    Note: The feedback text can be anything such as ‘Share your experience with us’ and not necessarily be ‘Please provide your feedback’. However, ensure that the text is correctly written between the HTML tags.
    Refer the article: Configure Feedback in Thank You Notifications to learn more about inserting feedback in Thank you notifications.

  • [DayOfAppointment]: Day when the service was availed. 

  • [CenterPhone]: Primary phone number of the center where the service was availed (corresponds to the Phone 1 field in the center’s settings).

  • [CenterPhone2]: Secondary phone number of the center where the service was availed (corresponds to the Phone 2 field in the center’s settings).

  • [CenterAddlData1]: Additional information about the center. This information is available in the Additional Text field of the center settings (Settings > Invoice & Receipts). 

  • [DueAmount]: Pending amount in the current invoice.

  • [CenterCountry]: Country where the center is located. 

  • [InvoiceComments]: Notes or information about the invoice that you want to share with your guest’s. 

  • [DownloadLink]: Link to download the Customer Mobile Application (if enabled by the organization). 

  • [CenterE-mail]: Email address of the center where the service was availed.

  • [MailUnsubcribeLink]: Transactions email. Link to unsubscribe and stop receiving marketing and campaign emails. 

  • [PackRemBenefits]: Remaining benefits in the package.

  • [UpcomingAppointment]: Immediate next appointment the guest has.

  • [BookingURL]: Link that redirects the guest to the booking page (your website or Zenoti Webstore services listing page).

  • [Finalsaleprice]: Total amount paid by the guest including tax and tips (SSG) paid using cash, card, or any custom payment.

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