To sell membership during the guest checkout:

1. Open an Appointment block.

2. Click Add More button.
    Add More
page appears showing Products, Packages, Memberships and Gift
    Cards tabs.

3. Go to Memberships tab.

4. Click the plus icon to the right hand side of the membership name (that the
    guest is interested to purchase). 

    Note: There are memberships that are sold and redeemed only at a specific center.
    Such memberships do not appear in the Memberships tab for sale across all the    
    centers. The Guest Details screen shows such memberships
    as 'Sale Center Redemption only' in the Memberships tab and does not have
     the Add option to add such memberships across centers.

5. In the Edit screen, logged in user’s name appears for Sold By. You can change if

6. Click Save.
    The selected membership is added to the invoice.
    Note: If the guest is purchasing a recurring membership then, to the same
    invoice, you cannot add additional memberships.

7. Click Take Payment.

    If a membership has Terms and Conditions then, the Terms and Conditions
    page opens in Guest mode.    
a. Handover the device to the guest.    
b. Request them to go through the terms and conditions and select the option
           I agree to the terms and conditions
, to accept the terms and conditions.
           The option I agree to terms and conditions is ticked and highlighted with
           the green background indicating the acceptance.    
c. Request the guest to sign below the acceptance text and click Next

8. If it is a Recurring membership and Zenoti payments is configured, the saved
    cards of the guest appear. 

9. Request guest to choose the card they would like to pay for the recurring
    membership for the future dates. Guest can also add new cards by clicking  
    +New Card button.
Credit/Debit card is the only payment mode available in Zenoti mobile for
    purchase of a recurring membership. 

10. Click Buy Membership.
      Thank you page appears after payment is received.

11. If it is a Non-recurring membership with terms and conditions then, ask the
    guest to accept the terms and conditions, and sign. 

12. Ask the guest to click Take Payment and select a payment mode.
     Note: If guest wants to pay by cash or custom mode then, click unlock icon to
     exit the guest mode by authenticating using the fingerprint scan or entering
     your password. 

Payment by Cash or Custom Mode are enabled after you exit the guest mode. Collect the payment and close the invoice.

13. If the membership has no terms and conditions and is not recurring then,      
     Take Payment screen appears. 

14. Collect the payment and close the invoice.

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