When you return the excess, damaged, or expired products to your vendors using the Return Order form, vendor issues a Credit Note number. 

If you raise a return order to a center that is acting as vendor, a Credit Note number is automatically generated and updated for you on the return order. 

If you have raised a return order to an external vendor, your vendor issues a Credit Note number which you must manually update in the return order. 

To update the credit note in a return order

  1. Create a return order.

  2. After you have submitted the return order, get a confirmation from your vendor that they have received the products, and perform one of the following:

  • If your vendor is another center that is acting as a vendor, click Returned.

     A Credit Note number  is automatically generated and updated for you in the
     Credit Note #

  • If your vendor is external, when the vendor issues a Credit Note number:

      - In the Credit Note # field, enter the Credit Note number
      - Click Returned.

         When you click Returned, the current stock is updated.
: Let’s say you have ordered 10 Green Tea Shampoo bottles from your
         vendor for retail use. You received the shampoo bottles and the current stock
         count is updated to 10.

         You realized that 4 of the bottles were damaged. Therefore, you submitted a
         return order to the vendor with -4 in the Retail Quantity field. After your vendor
         receives the shampoo bottles, you clicked Returned. This updates the current
         stock to 6.

    Note: When you print the Return Order, you can see the Credit Note number on it.

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