The front-desk staff uses Block Out Time Types option on the Appointment Book to block the time slots when therapists or providers are on personal or other breaks. This helps the front-desk staff know when providers are not available and why.    

Providers can view the block out times set for them when they login to their Zenoti Mobile application.

However, if providers have appropriate permission, they can create also block out time for themselves.

Note: Only administrators can create block out time types and set which block out times can be bookable.

In this article you will learn how to:

  • Enable permissions to manage block out time

  • Add block out time

  • Delete block out time

Before you Begin

If you're a provider and want the ability to manage block out time for yourself, then you need to ask the owner or manager to enable permission for your role as shown in the following steps.

To enable permission to manage block out time

1. At the organizational level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Security Roles.

2. Choose the role.

3. Click the Permissions tab and expand Appointment Book.

4. Depending on the permission you want to provide for a specific role, select the checkboxes in EmployeeBreak.
For example, if you want an employee of the front-desk role to only add and delete block out time, select Add and Delete checkboxes as shown in the following image.

To add block out time

1. From the Appointments tab in Zenoti Mobile tap the ellipsis (...) icon.

The option to add block-out time appears.

2. Tap Add Block out time.
The Add Block out time screen appears.

3. Do the following:

  1. Tap Select against Category.
    The list of block out type categories appears.
    Note: Zenoti has six default block out times types including Break, Leaving early, Lunch, Meeting, Personal time, and Running late. However, depending on your organization's need, your administrator can create new Block Out Time Types.

  2. Scroll and tap to select a block out type category.
    For example, you can select Lunch to categorize the block out type as your lunch break.

  3. Tap Select against Start Time.

  4. Scroll to select the start time for the block out type.

  5. Tap Duration to select the duration of time for the block out.
    Zenoti automatically updates the End Time based on the duration you

6. (Optional) Tap Add against Notes.
The Enter notes here text box appears to enter notes related to the block out.
7. (Optional) Turn on Repeat for regular activities such as lunch or daily meetings.
The options to set a frequency for the block out time to repeat appears.

8. Do the following:
a. Tap Daily against Repeat Frequency.
b. Scroll and tap to select Frequency and days as per your requirement. For
example, you can scroll and tap to set the block out to repeat once Daily,
Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.
c. Tap Starts On to select a date on which you want the block out times to repeat.
d. Tap Ends on to set the number of occurrences in After occurrences of or set
an end date in the On the date to end the block out time repetition.

9. Tap Save.

You have added block out time and it appears in the appointment

To delete block out time

1. Open the Calendar View of the Appointment tab.

2. Tap the appointment block you want to delete.

The block out time detail screen opens.

3. Select Delete option at the bottom of the screen.

4. A dialog box appears asking your confirmation, tap OK.

You've successfully deleted the block out time.

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