Creating opportunity sources in Zenoti allows you to categorize opportunities by marketing channels or other ways guests have learned about your business.
Examples: Instagram, Facebook, Newspaper, Ads in online news channels, LinkedIn Ads.

Before You Begin

An administrator must have the Opportunity Properties (Add, Edit, Delete) permissions to be able to create Call Dispositions (Admin > Organizations > Organization > Security Roles > Name of the security role> Permissions tab > Administrator > Opportunity Properties).

To create a Source:

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Categories > Opportunities > Source.

  3. Click Add in the Manage Opportunity Sources List view.

  4. In the Create Opportunity Source page, enter the details:
    - Code: Enter a short code for an opportunity source.
      Example: A code for 'LinkedIn Ads' can be 'Source 1'.
    - Name: Enter the name of the source.
      Example: 'LinkedIn Ads'.  
    - Description: In the text box, specify in which scenarios the team can assign
      this source.
    - Optional Fields 1 to 4: Use the optional fields to add more details about the
      Example: You can mention the nature of the source, rating of the source, or
      any other attribute that adds valuable info about the source.
    - Active: Select Active checkbox to indicate that the source is available for
    - Click Finish.
      Zenoti saves the source. If the source is set as 'Active' then, it is available in
      the Source drop-down list in the Sales Opportunity page. 

Note: The Source drop-down list will be available in the Sales Opportunity page only when at least one source is created by the Admin in the Source page (Admin > Categories > Opportunities > Source).

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