Creating opportunity sources in Zenoti allows you to categorize opportunities by marketing channels or other ways guests have learned about your business.
Examples: Instagram, Facebook, Newspaper, Ads in online news channels, LinkedIn Ads.

Before You Begin

An administrator must have the Opportunity Properties (Add, Edit, Delete) permissions to be able to create Call Dispositions (Admin > Organizations > Organization > Security Roles > Name of the security role> Permissions tab > Administrator > Opportunity Properties).

To create a Source:

  1. Ensure you are at Organization level.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Categories > Opportunities > Source.
    The Manage Opportunity Sources page opens.

  3. Click Add in the Manage Opportunity Sources List view. The Opportunity Source page appears.

  4. In the Create Opportunity Source page, enter the details:
    - Code: Enter a short code for an opportunity source.
      Example: A code for 'LinkedIn Ads' can be 'Source 1'.
    - Name: Enter the name of the source.
      Example: 'LinkedIn Ads'.  
    - Description: In the text box, specify in which scenarios the team can assign
      this source.
    - Optional Fields 1 to 4: Use the optional fields to add more details about the
      Example: You can mention the nature of the source, rating of the source, or
      any other attribute that adds valuable info about the source.
    - Active: Select Active checkbox to indicate that the source is available for
    - Click Finish.
      Zenoti saves the source. If the source is set as 'Active' then, it is available in
      the Source drop-down list in the Sales Opportunity page. 

Note: The Source drop-down list will be available in the Sales Opportunity page only when at least one source is created by the Admin in the Source page (Admin > Categories > Opportunities > Source).

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