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Opportunities or Sales Stages help you determine the stage of an opportunity or a  sale is with a prospective customer. For example, Zenoti provides these default sales stages - Lead, Prospect, Active, On Hold, Won, and Lost. You can associate these sales stages with a sales opportunity to pursue opportunities that are promising (Lead,  Prospect, Active) and probably, leave aside those opportunities that you are likely to lose (On Hold). 

You cannot delete any of these - you can, however, inactivate any of the sales stages that do not apply to your business. Once you inactivate a sales stage, you can add a sales stage to suit your business needs. 

Before You Begin

An administrator must have the Opportunity Properties (Add, Edit, Delete) permissions to be able to create Call Dispositions (Admin > Organizations > Organization > Security Roles > Name of the security role> Permissions tab > Administrator > Opportunity Properties).

Inactivate a Sales Stage

If any of the default sales stages do not match your needs, you can inactivate them from the organization level.

To inactivate a Sales Stage

  1. Ensure you are at Organization level.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Categories > Opportunities > Stages.
    The Manage Opportunity Stages page appears. 

  3. Click the name of the Sales Stage that you want to inactivate such as say, Prospect.
    The Manage Opportunity Stages page appears.

  4. Clear the Active checkbox. 

  5. Click Save.
    Zenoti inactivates the Sales Stage. In our example, the Sales Stage, Prospect is no longer active.  

Create a New Sales Stage

You can create new sales stages only at the organization level. 

To create a new Sales Stage

  1. Ensure you are at Organization level.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Categories > Opportunities > Stages.

  3. Click Add in the Manage Opportunity Stages page.  
    The Opportunity Stage page appears.

  4. In the Opportunity Stage page, enter the following details:
    - Code: Enter a short code for a sales stage.
      Example: A short code for 'Requested for Referral' can be 'Referral'.
    - Name: Enter the name of a stage in your sale cycle.
      Examples: 'Identified Potential prospect', 'Initiated Conversation', 'Qualified
      Lead', or ‘Requested for Referral’.  
    - Description: In the Description box, specify the scenarios in which the team can assign this stage to a sales opportunity.
    - Order: Enter the order of this stage in your sales cycle.
    - Active: Select the checkbox to indicate that the stage is available for use.
    - Click Finish.
      Zenoti saves the Sales Stage. 

If the Sales Stage is set as 'Active' then, the Sales Stage appears in the Status drop-down list in the Sales Opportunity page. 

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