Usually, Zenoti automatically applies the service credits to an invoice if the guest has membership with sufficient service credits. There could be scenarios when auto-apply does not work and you will have to manually apply the service credits to the invoice.


  1. When the membership has insufficient service credits and does not have any service equality template.

  2. When the membership has enough service credits but does not have service equality template. 

  3. When a guest has multiple memberships that offer service credits for the same service.
    Example: Assume a guest has ‘Toned Face Skin’ membership that offers 4 service credits for ‘20-min Facial’ and does not have a service equality template associated. If the guest takes a ‘40-min Facial’ then, Zenoti does not automatically apply the service credits to the invoice. You need to apply service credits manually.

  4. When a guest has multiple memberships and the membership that Zenoti applied automatically has fewer benefits.
    Example: Assume a guest has ‘Proud User’ membership, which is due to expire soon and gives a discount of 5% on all services. The same guest also has ‘Balinese Best Bet’ membership that offers service credits for Balinese massage. The guest avails the Balinese massage service, and Zenoti applies the ‘Proud User’ membership automatically to the invoice as this membership is due to expire soon. In such a case, you can remove ‘Proud User’ membership and apply the ‘Balinese Best Bet’ membership manually. 

  5. If you have removed the auto-applied membership from the invoice by mistake, you can manually apply the membership back to the invoice.

Apply Service Credits Manually 

To apply service credits manually to an invoice:

1. Right-click the Appointment block and click Take Payment.
   The Invoice page appears. 

2. In the Invoice page, select a membership from the Membership drop-down list. 

3. Click the Go icon (see screenshot for reference).

4. Under Collect Payment section, select the preferred payment option of the                guest. 

5. Click Add Payment.

6. Close the invoice using one of the following options: Close and Print (Zenoti closes the invoice and generates a print preview of the invoice) or Close and Email (Zenoti sends out an email to the registered email address  of the guest).


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