Why Lock Invoices?

Your organization may prefer to lock invoices on which partial payments are made (and where the balance amount is due).  In such cases, you may see a 'lock' icon on the invoice. 

Zenoti recommends that you lock invoices to avoid potential fraudulent transactions such as:

  • Swindling the partial amount received through cash payments and deleting the record of such payments from the invoice.

  • Reducing the total due amount by applying discounts, coupons, or campaigns.

Actions You Cannot Perform on Locked Invoices

You cannot perform the following actions on locked invoices:

  • Apply discounts, coupons, or campaigns

  • Modify the amount for the services availed

  • Add new products

  • Sell memberships, gift or prepaid cards 

  • Delete payments

  • Add comments

Actions You Can Perform on Locked Invoices

You can continue to perform the following actions on locked invoices:

How to Unlock Invoices?


You must have the permissions to unlock invoices. In case you do not have the required permissions, contact your store owner or manager. 

You can unlock an invoice from:

  • Today’s Sales window

  • Take Payments window

  • Search Invoice/Receipt Number window

  • Guest Details page

Points to Consider

You cannot unlock invoices:

  • That belong to another center if your organization has a policy of accepting payment only in the center of purchase.

  • If the invoice is under a financial lock period.
    Learn more: Financial Lock.

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