The Sales Analysis dashboards present analytics around sales - that is, the monetary measure or the value of sales in the time period you specify. You can also view related dashboards for Price Paid and Revenue using filters. 

Points to Note

  • Use the Monetary Metric filter to select your primary metric as Sale Value, Revenue, or Price Paid.
    a) Sale Value: Sale value is the cash revenue paid for an item and considers the sale date for calculations. Important: The Sale Value excludes tax for sale of Memberhips, Packages, and Gift Cards. The Sale Value includes tax for the sale of Services and Products.
    b) Revenue: The revenue is the actual revenue for an item and uses the closed date for calculations. Note: Revenue includes redemption revenue from all item types.
    c) Price Paid: The Price Paid is the Total Sale Price for an item and considers the sale date for calculations. Price Paid includes all payment types.
  • You can view the Sales Dashboards by default because the option Sales is selected in the Monetary Metric filter. If you want to view related dashboards based on metrics such as Revenue and Price Paid, select these options from the Monetary Metric filter. 
  • All three dashboards (Sales, Price Paid, and Revenue) show data based on the Sale Date and not the Payment Date.

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