Guest footfall or traffic is important to your business as higher footfall can lead to higher sales and revenue. This dashboard shows traffic coming in from different sources such as Zenoti, Web, Mobile App, Employee App, or Imported from other databases.

Filters: Time Period, Zone Name, Center Name, Guest Gender, Is Member, Invoice Categorization, Spend Categorization, Invoice Source

Period over Period

This chart shows the comparison of the number of visits by each guest type, by booking source period over period. The timeline follows a month-year format.

Traffic by Invoice Source

This chart shows how many visits came in via which source (such as Zenoti Web, Online, Mobile App, Imports) within the time period you select.

Traffic by Booking Source (by Gender)

This bar chart shows visits by guests based on gender - Male, Female, or Not Provided (where the gender may not be on record) and who booked their appointments by various booking sources (such as Zenoti Web, Online, Mobile App, Imports). 

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