You can apply service credits of a newly purchased membership, on an invoice that is generated 2 or 3 days ago, by advancing the purchase date of membership to the date when you used the service. 


  1. The membership was never applied on any invoice till date (from the date of purchase). 

  2. You should have Manager role for your center to advance the Purchase Date. Contact your Admin or Center owner for the permissions. 

Example: Assume a guest had a Balinese massage for 60 min on Jan 15, 2018 and is sure of purchasing a membership in 2 to 3 days. The guest purchased the ‘Balinese Massage Premium’ membership on Jan 18, 2018 and requested you to apply the service credits to the invoice of Balinese massage service availed earlier . 

In such a scenario, you can apply the service credits on older invoices. Follow these  steps:

Step I - Change the Sale Date and Payment Date in the membership purchase invoice
Step II - Apply the membership to the previous appointment

Step I - Change the Sale Date and Payment Date in the membership purchase invoice

There are two ways to go to the previous invoices: 

  • From the Client History page (Appointment Block > View Client/Guest History > Membership tab > Click Invoice No)  

  • From the Sales Report page (Admin > Reports > Financials > Sales > Select Sales - Membership > Select the time period and click Refresh). 

In the Invoice,

  1. Select I want to ‘Edit the Invoice’ option.

  2. Change the Sale Date to a past date (as per the date of previous appointment).

  3. Change the Payment Date to be same as Sale Date.

  4. Click Save.
    A warning message appears that says ‘Changes will override existing invoice details. Do you want to continue?’ Click OK to continue. Close Date of the invoice is automatically updated to the Sale Date.

  5. Verify the membership Purchase Date by opening the View Client/Guest History page again. The membership Purchase Date is automatically updated to the Sale Date

Step II - Apply the Service Credits to Previous Appointment

  1. Click the previous Appointment block and select Take Payment from the menu.

  2. In the Invoice, if the membership is not automatically applied, select the membership name from the Membership drop-down list and click the Go icon. Zenoti applies the Service credits to the invoice.

  3. Take payment and close the invoice using any one option: Close and Print or Close and Email.

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