How are Service Credits Applied to an Invoice

Service credits are applied in two ways: 

  1. Automatically applied by Zenoti, when a guest has enough service credits in the membership.  

  2. Manually applied by the front-desk staff when enough service credits are not available for the guest to fully redeem the service received.

Service Credits Applied Automatically 

If a guest has enough service credits in the membership then, Zenoti automatically applies the service credits to the invoice.

The service credits are not applied automatically for memberships that are redeemable only at the centers where it was purchased. So, the front desk must apply the credits manually in the invoice.

Apply Service Credits Manually to an Invoice

Usually, Zenoti automatically applies the service credits to an invoice if the guest has membership with sufficient service credits. For certain scenarios such as when the membership does not have enough credits to redeem against a service or if you have accidentally deleted the auto-applied membership then, apply service credits manually to the invoice. 

To apply service credits manually to an invoice:

1. Right-click the appointment block and from the menu, click Take Payment.
   The Invoice page appears. 

2. From the Membership drop-down list, select a membership. 

3. Click the Apply icon (see screenshot for reference).

Membership service credits are applied to the invoice. If the invoice has additional items or if membership service credits are partially applied then, proceed with collecting payment. 

4. Under the Collect Payment section, select the preferred payment option of the guest. 

5. Click Add Payment.

6. Close the invoice using one of the following options:
    - Close and Print (Zenoti closes the invoice and generates a print preview of the invoice)
- Close and Email (Zenoti sends out an email to the guest's registered email address).

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