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When your sales or marketing teams make calls to prospective customers, you get different responses from the prospects, such as - ‘Call me back after a day’, ‘Not interested’, or ‘Tell me more’. There could be cases where prospects would disconnect your call, or the calls are redirected to voice calls. 

These outcomes/responses are called ‘Call Dispositions’ in the call center terminology. In Zenoti, you can create these responses based on your need. Examples: You may create and use the following responses as call dispositions:

  • Call back after a day

  • Not interested

  • Interested

  • Call Disconnected

  • Redirected to Voice Call

  • Blocked Number

  • Do not Disturb (DnD) number

Call dispositions help sales managers gain valuable insights about the quality of leads generated by the marketing team. For example, if most of your call dispositions are ‘Not interested’ then, you quickly realize that you are targeting the wrong market. You can change your lead generation modes accordingly.

While creating an opportunity in Zenoti, you can select a call disposition to let your team know how the call progressed. 

Before You Begin

An administrator must have the Opportunity Properties (Add, Edit, Delete) permissions to be able to create Call Dispositions (Admin > Organizations > Organization > Security Roles > Name of the security role> Permissions tab > Administrator > Opportunity Properties).

To create a Disposition: 

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Categories > Opportunities > Dispositions.

  2. Click Add in the Manage Dispositions List view. The Create New Disposition page appears.

  3. In the Create New Disposition page, enter the details:
    - Name: Enter a possible outcome of a conversation as the name of disposition.
      Example: 'Call after a week', 'Interested in Ayurvedic Massages'
    - Description: Specify in which scenarios the team can assign this disposition  
      to a sales opportunity.
    - Followup Days: Enter the number of days after which you can contact the   customer again.
    - Click Save.  
      Zenoti saves the disposition.  
      The disposition becomes available in the Call Disposition drop-down list in    
      the Sales Opportunity page. 

Note: Call Dispositions drop-down list will be available in the Sales Opportunity page only when there is at least one call disposition created in the Dispositions page.

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