Once done with all the three steps that is - 'Enter Campaign Info', 'Select Campaign Type', and 'Select Recipients', go ahead and activate your campaign.

Save and Publish

Under the Save and Publish section , click Activate Campaign to activate your campaign in Zenoti.

Note: Permissions to add, edit, delete, view, and/or publish the campaign depend on your user role in Zenoti. Contact your Admin for the necessary permissions.

What does Activation of the Campaign Mean?

  • The campaign becomes active from the Offer Valid date mentioned in the 'Select Campaign Type' section.

  • Eligible guests can use the offer code of the media campaign while buying the products or services from the Web Store. 

  • The front desk or the reception  can apply the media campaign for guests (on their invoices), if they are part of the target audience.

With this, we have completed creating the media campaign record in Zenoti.

Apply the Campaign

You can now, apply the campaign while taking payment from the guest.  

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