After selecting the campaign type, proceed with next step: select the recipients of your offer. 

During the planning phase, you would have decided the level at which you would be promoting the campaign - organization level or center level. Based on that, select the recipient centers and recipient guests of the offer.

1. Select Centers: The field shows centers depending on the level at which you wish to roll out your promotion . 

  • For an organization level campaign, the field shows zones and the centers within the zones. You can select the checkbox beside the zone to apply the campaign to all the centers within the zone or expand the zone by clicking + (plus), to select only a few centers within the zone.

  • If the campaign is at the center level then, Select Center field shows only the center that is selected to run the campaign. Select the center. 

  • Max Redemption - Select the Maximum number of times the offer can be redeemed at each center. For example, if you enter 50 for Chelsea, it means that the center can pass on the benefit to 50 invoices.  

2. Target Segment Billing - Usually, the goal of a media campaign is to get new visitors and have existing guests come back.
As part of planning, you would have created a target segment in Zenoti. Map the target segment to the media campaign by selecting from the Target Segment Billing drop-down list. Click Count to get the number of guests who fall in the target segment you selected. If it is 'All guests' every guest will receive the benefit. 

3. Limit to online and mobile bookings: Select the checkbox to give the offer only when services or products are booked from Web store and Zenoti mobile app.

4. Limit offer to guests in the target segment billing:  this checkbox is selected by default. By un-selecting, you extend the offer to everyone.

5. Enforce one-time password (OTP) authorization for redemption: Select the checkbox if you want the guests to provide OTP confirmation to use the benefit from the campaign.

6. Campaign discount and redemption contribute to free service amount: Select this checkbox if you want the amount from campaign discount and redemption to be counted as part of free service revenue. The provider earns a commission on the base price or on the discounted price as defined at the service level

7. Show while taking payment: On selecting the checkbox, the campaign shows up in the Invoice page.

Next step: Save and Publish

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